Sunny days

The last few days have been blistering hot here where I live…and for once I’m not avoiding it. Today, for instance, it’s already 26 C (79F) with a humidex that brings it to 32C (89F) at 11:00 AM…it’s not even at it’s peek yet (O…M…G). It was the same yesterday. A little back story on why this is a big deal to me – I think I mentioned in a previous post that I have mild MS. Along side that MS (though I’m not sure if it caused it or is just in conjunction with it) I have an intolerance now to extreme temperatures, especially the heat.

So, what does a heat intolerant lady do on a day like today – go get a tattoo in support of my local animal shelter and hit the beach! Yes, it is a beach day and the kids couldn’t be happier. I’ll be staying cool in the shade with my littlest human while the others gallivant in the waters, and it’s all good. I’ve decided to embrace the summer this year and make it work for me instead of me hiding from it. So far it’s working.

Maybe that’s what this post is really about – embracing the crap that life throws at you instead of running away. I’ve spent years avoiding things I used to love due to pain, my weight, my perceived notions of how I appear, and a slew of other excuses. It’s time to let them go (well, as much as I can) and embrace life again.

Sunny days are no longer the enemy. They are an old friend to be embraced and held dear as a method of bonding with my family and bringing myself back together.

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