Long time, no see

It’s been so long since I have posted here, I don’t even know where to begin. This year has been insane. My little guy isn’t growing properly and at almost 14 months is only about 15 lbs (no, that isn’t a typo). Our doctor is great and working hard to figure out why. Either way, he is a happy little dude who loves to play and loves to take you for walks (as long as he can hold your fingers).

Life has given me a lot of curve balls lately. My dad’s COPD is worse and he now requires oxygen. My older two kiddidlelets are looking forward to the end of the school year (they have a while to wait yet!) and hubby became a part time stay at home dad (he works part time now). I took on a new job which I love. But I’m exhausted. The shroud of MS fatigue hangs over me daily. As many parents know, you usually tend to be sleep deprived with a toddler, however, mine loves to sleep – on top of being tiny, he is iron deficient. Don’t worry, we’re giving him formula and pediasure supplemented with iron.

As I sat at my desk this morning; I listened to Loreena McKennitt and something about the feel of it all made me think of fresh Spring rain. That fresh smell that carries on a breeze. Then I wrote the first poem I have written in well over a year. It felt good.


Softly whispering

Wisp in dreams

Meandering breezes

So crisp, so clean

Dancing spirals

Prisms of light

Sparkling rivulets

Shimmering sight

Gentle cadence

Lazy mornings

Peaceful moments

Life worth living

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