Baroque and in a fog

No, I didn’t misspell broke (though, that is what I am). I am actually listening to Baroque period music and it is so relaxing and beautiful. Life should feel this way, always. The thing with music is that it can heal the soul and make the mind work in ways other things can’t. At least for me that is.

I have a headache this morning, which in turn is making my brain fog a bit worse. Oh the joys of MS and migraines. Ever try to listening to something under water? You get that pressure and a sense that everything is muffled, right? That’s kind of what brain fog feels like except that it’s your thoughts that are muffled and the pressure is there. That’s what it is like for me anyway.

What this means is that writing and being creative has become more difficult. The ideas swirling in my mind become trapped in the eddies of the fog, only to then become lost in the storm. It’s so frustrating. I know I am a creative person. But my creations are becoming lost to the waves.

Well, at least I am working on decluttering my home. To me, a cluttered space is equal to a cluttered mind. If my space is any indication of my mind, it is horribly filled up.

I need to share this, though I’m not sure why but I’m sure you’ve all heard it. I’m not a Kanye West fan, but I do love Rihanna and Sir Paul. There’s just something about the tempo, the beat – I enjoy it. 

Enjoy your day and don’t forget to breath…

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