Spring Fever or When will it stop Snowing ALREADY!

If you live in the Atlantic Provinces, you KNOW what I mean by that title. Heck, if you ever read the news for this area – you know what that headline means. I love snow, I really do, but I have had enough.

I’m feeling that stir crazy – let’s get planting – vibe. I want to Spring clean my house (and have started) and be able to open up all the windows to enjoy a nice Spring breeze. Instead, everything is shuttered against the snow and cold.

I want to feel the warmth of a Spring sun on my face, the muck beneath my feet. I want my youngest to make mud pies for the first time and know the joy of splashing through mud puddles!

Enough of this snow already, and to think they are calling for more tomorrow!

Dear Powers That Be,

Please bring out the sunshine.

Thanks, Gwen.

– you’re welcome.

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