Random Thought of the Day

Do you ever come across someone that you swear looks like they should be a villain in a Disney movie? I’m not talking about their personality – no judgments! I’m just saying their outward appearance.

Their eyebrows arched just so. The hair, the skin texture, just the look of them. There is a woman in my office – I don’t know her at all and I’m sure she’s a sweet lady – but she has that look. The Disney villain sleek and smooth look.

Yes. That is my random thought for today. Real life people who remind me of Disney villains in appearance.

Disney Villains – The Musical feat. Maleficent

One thought on “Random Thought of the Day

  1. The Unknown Witch

    I’ve seen Disney villains and then I’ve seen people who looked as if they should be the villains in a Stephen King movie. I have met them and liked them. Goes to show, you really can’t judge a book by its cover. 😀

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