Babies, Dogs, and the Incredible Likeness of Being

I really want to curl up in bed and snuggle with my baby boy. He’s a tiny 15 month old and he was super snuggle and sookie when I dropped him off to the babysitter this morning. I’m in a snuggly sookie mood too. It’s dark and dreary outside and a day in bed sounds divine.

When I took my dogs out this morning, it was obvious Spring has finally started to arrive. Snow melting everywhere…dog shit showing up everywhere…ah yes, the signs of Spring. My dogs love it. I have three of the poop makers. All mutts; a husky shepherd cross, a Rottweiler shepherd cross, and a Pomeranian poodle cross. The larger two are from our local SPCAs, the smaller one was bought from a former babysitter, he was the last of his litter and my kids were attached to him (I don’t normally buy my dogs from anyone, preferring shelter mutts over purebreds/hybrids). I love my dogs, but can honestly say I will never have three at once again.

I actually have three dogs, three cats and three kids – yes, my house is busy, yes it is always full of hair, yes they take a lot of work, and no I will never part with my pets until the die of natural causes. I firmly believe pets are for life. There are definitely times when pets do need to be rehomed, but I believe those issues are few and far between.

I’m digressing. If you read my blog, you’ll notice I do that…a lot.

Onto the third part of that title – the incredible likeness of being. That’s how I feel this week. I’ve been looking over some work I have done in the last couple of months and am finding several errors. I’m a perfectionist and this is not acceptable to me. I know I’m new to this job. I love it here. But it’s sloppy work and I should have been triple checking. It makes me feel like I am here, but my mind isn’t. Hence the likeness of being.

Time to buck up and move on.

The Viking Kittens (don’t ask, I just love this thing)/Led Zeppeling – The Immigrant Song:

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