I have two BAs. Yes, really two. The second one was supposed to be a BSc but my fiancé (at the time) convinced me to cut my degree short and do the second BA. It’s one of my biggest regrets

My first BA is in Anthropology and Classical Studies (one more year of the Russian language and I would have had a Russian Minor…grrrr). My second BA is in Archaeology – and therein lies my passion. Forever buried under a mound of forgotten facts, marriage, children, time. One of my biggest regrets is that I didn’t follow my heart and my dreams.

The life goal before allowing myself to be convinced otherwise (because it was ultimately MY choice) was to get the BSc in Archaeology, then the MA in Roman Archaeology from the University of Cardiff in Wales (I have family nearby, cousins, it would have been awesome), and then I wanted to do a PhD in Roman Archaeology in Italy.

It never happened. Sometimes reading archaeological news is very bittersweet to me. I want to be in the field, I want to dig, survey, map, HOLD the artifacts. However, I’m learning to let go and enjoy what I see. I love history, I love archaeology – in that vein I may begin to post archaeological news stories that I find of interest here.

Here’s a great one out of Egypt from the Cairo Post:

Would you not LOVE to be there? I know I would.

3 thoughts on “Archaeology

    1. That is very true. The dream is still there, just a bit harder to get to right now 🙂 I always say that I am still young and can always go back…someday.

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