I’m not alone

I’m laying beside my sleeping 15 month old. He’s been sick the last week and a half like I have been. He’s so tiny. When he gets sick, I worry that his little body won’t be able to handle the strain. But he always does.

I’m never alone when I’m home. Not really. One of my three children is always nearby. My youngest has the room beside us (though often lands in bed with us). The oldest (she’s 15) tries to act callous but the moment it’s time for bed she is by my side for hugs and goodnights.  My oldest son (he’s 13) is more distant. I wish he wasn’t but he also has some issues that cause him to feel that way. He is adopted but everyone says how much he and his baby brother look alike. You would never know he wasn’t born of me…and I make sure he fully understands that I am mom.

I don’t know why I feel the need to explain all that. My kids are my life. I do endeavor to have something to do for just my husband and I but in the end we are intricately entwined in our lives.

I’m never alone when my babies are nearby. I always feel them near.

As I lay beside my youngest, he sleeping so peacefully, I feel a bit more whole than I did before and I know I will never be alone.

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