What Dreams may come…

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist (Source: Goodreads).

I had a very bizarre dream last night.

First a bit of background. I have been sick a LOT in the last few months. I started decluttering our library/computer room just before getting super sick. I now have a pile of stuff to sort through in my kitchen and a smaller pile in the library/computer room. No one else can apparently do this chore save I. It has been weighing on me and now my in-laws are due to visit THIS weekend.

Back to the dream.

North Korea was invading. No one actually said it was North Korea, I just knew (weird). I was in a huge panic to move ALL our stuff in the house to my parents house because we were being evacuated and had about 48 hours to get out before we were in danger. We had so much stuff…I kept saying “how will we get it ALL OUT!”; ” We don’t have enough BOXES OR BAGS!”; “The china will BREAK!” – note: I own no china. From the pattern, it was my mother’s china. Actually, a lot of the furniture was my parents – their hutch, dinning room set, etc. Again – so bizarre.

Hubby took the kids to my parents place, and when he came back I was in full blown panic asking, “Where are the kids? Aren’t they going to help!”. He says, “You told me to take them to your parents house.” Oh, right. Then somehow we ended up in a house that we were buying – I’ve seen this house before, in a DIFFERENT dream. There is obvious something about it.

The house is old, turn of the 1900s Victorian type. It has a turret, many staircases, a creepy basement, open & airy rooms, etc. In my last dream about it the floors were rotting and we were almost falling through. In this dream, it looked like it had been renovated – all cleaned up, no more rotting floors and the sun was shining (the last dream was dark).

Then I woke up. So bizarre.

Needless to say, my night was LONG (the dream felt like it took ALL night). I’m now feeling completely exhausted. I saw the dawn before all others.

Today, I have to finish the painting I am doing for my mother (a woodland cottage type scene), and CLEAN. I really don’t want any more dreams like that.

Imagine Dragons – Dream

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