Strange Days

“This is the strangest life I have ever known.” Jim Morrison 

I have, on occasion, been known to read the news. Actually, I should qualify that. I have been known to read what is considered news. What’s the difference? Someone’s sexuality or sexual orientation or gender should not be considered news – it should just be. It should be a non-issue, completely non-issue. News is hearing about the latest supreme court development, finding out what’s happening in a foreign country, the latest political landscape, etc – NOT someone’s change of clothes or *gasp* latest girlfriend/boyfriend/marriage/divorce.

We live in such a strange world. Pro-athletes and entertainers (musicians and actors, etc) get paid millions to entertain us and yet those charged with protecting and saving our lives are paid a pittance in comparison (paid well by lower class standards, but still a pittance in comparison to entertainers).

We live in a strange world where someone loving another is considered sinful, evil, and has a potential to collapse the world as we know it. Funny, those same argument were used to fight segregation and inter-cultural marriages…the world is still turning.

We live in a bizarre world where freedom of speech is so valued that if someone disagrees with you they are somehow quashing your freedom of speech…or better yet someone wanting to be treated like a human being is going against your freedom of religion. I will never understand that last one. If people actually read that book written 2500 years ago – they may actually come upon some passages that say things like love thy neighbor or thou shalt not kill and a few other choice tidbits like that. But hey – fire and brimstone is far more glamorous…non?

We live in a strange world where suddenly acts of courage and bravery are supposedly delineated by function rather than by the person. Odd…definition of brave and courage from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:


adjective \ˈbrāv\

: feeling or showing no fear : not afraid

brav·er brav·est

Full Definition of BRAVE

1:  having or showing courage <a brave soldier> <a brave smile>
2:  making a fine show :  colorful <brave banners flying in the wind>
3:  excellent, splendid <the brave fire I soon had going — J. F. Dobie>
brave·ly adverb


noun cour·age \ˈkər-ij, ˈkə-rij\

: the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous

Full Definition of COURAGE

:  mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty

I see nothing in either definition that limits brave or courage to a certain class or function of a person.

We live in a strange world where bigotry and racism are considered part and parcel to freedoms of religion and speech. Sure, you have the freedom to speak your mind and pray to your God…and I have the freedom to call you out for your hatred and bigotry disguised as faith.

I hope, for the sake of my children and myself, that this strange world starts to see that love and peace are the true solutions. That hating someone for who they are is not productive or logical…or human.

Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust.
Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give. – Quote is from the first couplet of the Wiccan Rede (It is disputed as to who wrote the long version).

The Kinks – Lola

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