“The squeeky wheel gets the grease.” ― Author disputed (mostly attributed to Josh Billings).

Last night, for the first time in probably a decade, I deep fried some chicken popcorn (usually bake that stuff) in my old wok. This morning I proceeded to forget that the wok had a bunch of vegetable oil in it. This morning I made myself a salad from lettuce a friend gave me, it is in a grocery bag. My stove was full of veggies this morning. This morning I had no place to put the bag of lettuce so I plopped it into the wok because I forgot about the grease.

*sigh* This morning, at work, I sit here with a big grease stain on my paints and splats on my shirt. This morning I had no time to run down to change my clothes because I had an adorable 18 month old crying for his mommy and not wanting her to leave…so I had to leave the house because he got worse.

At least I got my morning Tim’s fix (for non-Canadians that would be the Tim Hortons coffee chain that is a staple in Canada – like Dunkin’ Donuts, but arguably better). There is always a silver lining to a day, sometimes it just takes a bit more to find it. My silver lining to a grease filled day is the amazing hugs and kisses I got from my 18 month old, my coffee, the gorgeous sunshine outside right now (which has been sorely lacking this summer here), and the fact that I am able to work.

Life can be hard. Life can downright suck. BUT, and I totally know that this is cliché, life is what you make of it – good and bad. We can sit and dwell in our misery or we can choose to look for those silver linings.

I now have a stained shirt and pants – I can make a teddy bear for my youngest and go to Value Village or Frenchy’s for a new pair of pants and a shirt. Awesome silver lining.

I’m also really vocal – I think this morning I forgot the grease because I was too busy gabbing with my husband and youngest…it’s a good thing the 13 year old is a sound sleeper and the 15 year old had slept over with her grandparents.

Grease – Greased Lightning

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