“Extract the eternal from the ephemeral.” Charles Baudelaire

adjective | ephem·er·al |\i-ˈfem-rəl, -ˈfēm-; -ˈfe-mə-, -ˈfē-\
: lasting a very short time

Full Definition of EPHEMERAL
1: lasting one day only < an ephemeral fever >
2: lasting a very short time < ephemeral pleasures >

Life, sometimes, feels so ephemeral. Shifting thoughts, moods, friends, family – everything. Somethings feel like they will last forever, than in a twist are gone.

Am I dreaming?
whispers in the grass
a heart
shadows moving past

Am I dreaming?
Mountains shimmering
a sun
boulders shivering

Am I dreaming?
waves crashing in time
a moon
serene paradigm

Am I dreaming?
ephemeral air
a mind
blissfully ensnared

Bassnectar – Ephemeral

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