“The best fantasy writer are the ones that stopped fighting with their inner demons, and started writing about them.” Solomon Woytowich

I don’t know if that is true or not, but maybe it’s time for me to embrace my inner demons.

There’s something inviting, about the darkness.

It’s open, airy. Not claustrophobic from a mask of smiles

The darkness has a certain warmth to it, a calling.

It doesn’t judge or condescend. It’s just there.



A nothing of nothing.

Whispering demons at the edge, perhaps but – it is still nothing.

It is only darkness.

A deep pool that absorbs all colour, all emotion.

Is that a demon then? A darkness without emotion, colour, sense or sensibility?

An unending void.

An abyss full of demons

and nothing.

Imagine Dragons – Demons

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