Robyn Sarah – Recipient of the Governor General’s Literary Award 2015!

See this beautiful woman? Her name is Robyn Sarah, and she is a mentor to me. Several years ago a group of ladies and I studied poetry for a week under her diligent tutelage. I LOVED every moment. Since that time, I have had the pleasure and privilege of still being in contact with her and the group, hearing about how many of the ladies of published works, about Robyn’s new books and endeavors, our ups and downs. I love that group of women from the Ice House. I wish we could all get together again and work our magic.Robyn

This year, Robyn won one of the most prestigious Canadian literary awards (if not the most prestigious). I’m over the moon happy for her. I want to share with everyone and anyone who will listen. This woman is so creative, talented, exceptional – I can’t say enough good things about her and her writing. I would love to have a fraction of her talent.

Yet, she remains one of Canada’s most under-rated artist. Writing, in any form, is work. It can be very difficult, draining work. It is raw. It is emotional. It is emptying of your being onto a piece of paper (or a screen) and hoping with all hope that you love it. There is, of course, also the hope that others love it enough to earn a living wage. Most artist, however, do not and cannot earn a living wage from their art alone.

She is very humble.

“I nearly passed out when I heard,” said first-time GG winner Sarah from her Mile End home. “It feels very affirming, even though I know how easily it could not have happened. My book is the same book that it was the day before the award was announced; it hasn’t suddenly gotten better.  But suddenly people are interested in it and excited about it. That’s a very nice feeling. I’m happy for my book. I’m happy for my publisher (Windsor, Ont.-based Biblioasis). And I’m happy for my family and friends who have believed in me as a writer.” From the Montréal Gazette – Robyn Sarah, Guy Vanderhaeghe among recipients of 2015 Governor General’s Literary Awards

Congratulations, Robyn!!! You more than deserve this award!

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