Fear and desire

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I think if I lived this way, I would have a heart attack within the month. BUT it IS a genuinely thoughtful way of being.

I am doing something today that brings me fear. I fear rejection – I know, that seems funny for someone who writes a blog. I write this blog for me, and only me. If someone enjoys it or gets something out of it – yay! If not, it’s OK.

I’ve decided to enter a publication contest. I won’t give details, I’m good like that. I won’t give details mostly because if I get rejected or don’t even qualify, then only I am to be disappointed and I have no one else to respond to.

Several years ago I entered a stage where I wrote. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. Most of it probably sucks, but my friends and family loved it. They convinced me to send it out – get published they said. Reality is – getting published is about as easy as acing that calculus final after a binge. Some do it smoothly the first time, others flail a bit and finally get to it, the rest just drown in the equations.

I DO desire to be published, at least once. I don’t expect it ever.

So…where am I in that equation? I don’t know. Put here’s to trying again.

Great Big Sea – End of the World

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