“One person’s craziness is another person’s reality.” Tim Burton

One person’s loss is another’s gain – so they say.

Why is that?

What is it that one person can perceive a loss whilst the other a gain?

Life seems to be full of perspectives.

In my life, I would be considered low middle class…in another country, I would be considered rich. To my daughter, I am a horrible, awful person right now (I cruelly took her phone away). To my youngest, I am the whole world.

It’s funny how my own perspective can change as well. Since being on the new meds, life feels different (I guess that’s what happens when things ‘work’). I feel cheerful inside…I haven’t had that feeling in a long time. The darkness inside was so enveloping that I forgot I had any light.

Suddenly life doesn’t feel so hard. The sun is a bit brighter, the days better. The nights though – I seem to have developed insomnia in exchange for contentment. One shit pile at a time…one at a time. For now, I’ll enjoy the increase in energy, focus, and happiness (and try not to jinx it!).

Sia – Chandelier

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