Stitchy Knitters

“Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.” ― Elizabeth Zimmermann

When I was a child, my mother tried in vain to teach me to knit. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do it, but I was soooo boooorrredddd. I thought it was boring. It took too long to achieve something small that I wanted so I gave it up.

When I was in 911 dispatch, the ladies there re-introduced me to the art once again and I enjoyed it in the downtime we had on slow nights, but I didn’t do it at home and I found it tiresome after a while.

Fast forward to last November when I suddenly had the urge to pick up the needles once again.

This time – I fell in love. No word of a lie – within a short few months I had gone from knitting simple hats and scarves, to knitting stuffed animals for my youngest (and even my eldest asked for one). Then my depression smacked me hard and after April I set my needles down in despair.

Well…thankfully that lull is over and I’m picking up my needles again! Only this time, I have to wear carpel tunnel braces on both wrist while doing so. I was getting a lot of pain and numbness whilst knitting, but brushed it off as I was so enjoying it. You can only brush something off for so long. I have a TON of projects to catch up on. I have sweaters to knit, scarves, the second sock of a pair for my toddler (he keeps asking me about it poor bug!), hats, toys – so much knitting, so little time!!!

I have found knitting to be meditative in my aging process. It pulls me in like a good book and keeps me calm and focused. It’s my happy place.

Stephen West – Baby You’re A Knitter (I laughed so hard watching this…)

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