Urging her on
They come from ether
Deeper and deeper
They want to keep her

Fanning the flame
They keep her there
The mind they spare
They will not share

Fueling the hate
They act on fear
A callous spear
She cannot steer

Pushing her in
Creatures in cages
The war it rages
Killing the sages

Filling the bowels
With foul excrement
Without testament
To her predicament

Swelling the ranks
They keep her at bay
Here to stay
Seeking the way

Feeling the bitter
She breaks them
Over takes them
Defeats them
In their arrogance…

They strove to bind
But they lost their minds
In her home
They’ll always roam

They didn’t think
She could fight
She could make right
What they sought to blight

They thought to distress her
Repress her
Suppress her

They cannot bind
What they cannot know
The seeds they reaped
They’ll never sow
She’ll never fall
Under their feet
For she is vaster
Then their eyes could seek

Without heart
They heard no words
Felt no kiss
From her breath unfurled

Without soul
They could not see
The gift she offers
The love she frees

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