On Incense

It wraps around the body
Entrapping the soul within
It fills the air with might
Lives in the crispness of the wind

The scents rise into the mind
And mingle with the dreams
It meanders down the path
And enters the hidden scenes

It follows the full moon’s light
And escapes the sun’s bright gaze
It leaves you feeling breathless
Invokes the calling haze

Empowering of body and of mind
Invoking all of the powers that be
Leaving all but your soul behind
See with your heart and set it free

In its drifting scents you follow
The flame drawing forth its true essence
The dreams of forever can be found
The life force brought in its presence

The glories of days gone by
The life of the Earth invoked
Recalled in its graying of the sky
In its unending wisps of smoke

Mindful for those who would find
Praise in the haze for the lost days
Seeing who shares in the heart
When all shall be free to practice their ways

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