The Mother

Go ahead
kill me then
you don’t care
you won’t have guilt

After all
I’m only a mother
A sister
A wife
A daughter

Go on, do it!
get it over with
Why should you care?
not like you’ll answer for it

Above the law you are
above your God and the stars
faith is your shield
and You use it with ease

My children are watching
will you do it before them?

So go on and do it
get it over with
what are you waiting for?
Kill me then if that’s your way
but don’t hide behind your faith

Go on and do it!
life is worthless to you
if it meant anything
we wouldn’t have
these fields of red rivers
these pits of bones
What of my children after I’m gone?
Will you leave them to live and grow strong?
Or will they die the way I will
left in a grave
by the world…

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