Dance of Life

I was lost in the sound, today,
of the breeze gently turning the leaves.
The green swaying on a sea of grey
clouds in a beckoning blue sea.
Dancers bending with the passion of life,
spiralling this way and that forever.

I could watch them forever,
dancing in cadence today,
the way I would dance my life
away, as the turning of leaves
in a storm sent across the sea,
floating in ever growing waves of grey.

One day, I will watch that grey
and wonder if I’ll ever see forever.
That time is far across the sea,
not in the now or the dance of today.
My glance turns once again to the leaves,
the dance that echoes my life.

As this dance of green life
continues I see so many shades of grey
between the dancing and twisting of the leaves.
There seems no way to stay forever.
I’ll keep watch for today,
watching the rise and fall of the sea.

The clouds of softness move on the sea,
filled with the promises of this life.
It brings a new meaning today,
watching those clouds of grey,
knowing they’ll not stay forever,
just as the rhythmic dancing of the leaves

will not outlast the wind. Those leaves,
now lost in a moving green sea,
hold the promises of forever.
Promises of when the pains of life
will turn into a light shade of grey.
But here I must stay for today.

For in the promise of today the music of the leaves
beckons away the grey, beyond that distant sea.
Containing in this life the dreams that last forever.

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