As I stepped out into the day, my heart was full of sunshine.
The wind, blowing gaily, constructed a dance for the pine.
I sat on a stone, drinking in the warmth as a full glass of wine
and wondered to myself where in the world went all the time.
The slow breath of day went on and on only to combine
with a hum that brought about images of angels divine.

From the very clouds appeared the angels divine,
dancing and playing along the breeze in the sunshine.
I watched them dance with the clouds and how they did combine
to form a beautiful choreography for me and for the pine.
Long did I sit in that trance and hence did spend my time.
Longing to be part of that dance, I drank deep of my wine.

The dabbling of sunlight upon my face, warmed with wine,
made me believe there could never be another day so divine.
In the distance a child was laughing, minding their own time.
The laughter floated on that breeze, another breath of sunshine.
It drifted and danced toward the wood, dancing along with the pine.
The dance continued through the wood, laughter and breeze did combine.

The fields then called to the breeze as the farmer drove the combine
called for the breeze to dance once again, the sky turning red as wine.
As dusk began to settle in, and the sun began to weep, deep into the pine
did the shimmering rays hide, losing their dance with angels divine.
The warmth still clinging, the crickets singing, the bright sunshine
dragged on, clinging to the edge of day, bidding it’s precious time.

I began to wander back to my home knowing there would be more time
when I could dream of angels and watch the breeze and clouds combine.
The dusk continued its gentle decent as I clung to the last bit of sunshine.
I prayed for a night of glowing warmth, and poured another glass of wine.
The moon did show her face just then, stars twinkling as though divine.
The darkness began its slow accent, ever deepening within the pine.

Within the darkness of the pine, I found myself lost in time.
Lost but found by the divine, hope and faith did then combine
Somewhere in the gleaming sunshine and another long drink of wine.

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