The Butterfly

the butterfly struggled to
gain freedom today
it had grown from a small
insignificant thing
to what it knew
would be a creature
of life
of colour
the caterpillar it once was
no longer would be
no longer to tread upon
the bark
no longer the fight past
branches and stalks
no longer would it struggle
as a caterpillar
the butterfly fought
with all it’s might
fought against the strain
of it’s own webbing
the constrictive device
of it’s own design
it fought against it
struggling to be free
till at last it could
struggle no more
it’s wings fell free
free of the device of
it’s own design
free of the constrictive
webbing of it’s own
free at last to feel
the warmth of the sun
the rays bringing life to
every beat
every breath
flush with it’s freedom
the butterfly flies
no longer a small
insignificant thing
no longer hidden away
colours bold and new
the butterfly flies

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