Dishes and Laundry

It’s not done
The dishes piled in the sink,
the laundry a giant mountain
like all my worries
one on top of the other. They never
get done, never finished,
leftovers from yesterday
begging to be eaten yet
left to rot in the fridge.
There goes one, then another,
kids running through the
house, running on carpet
in need of vacuuming.
Running over piss stains
from the puppy,
dirt stains from the shoes
left on after they crossed
into my home.
story of my life
those stains are. Who
am I kidding? All
that baggage left unchecked
hiding under all that laundry,
all those dishes in the sink.
It’s time. Time to just pick it
all up and move on. Exhaustion
sets in, sets in too early these days
leaving the dishes in the sink
and the mountain of laundry undone.
There’s always tomorrow.
Now, it’s time for…for
dreams and hopes
for tomorrow. Hopes
that tomorrow will be a more
refining day – perhaps even
a day to catch up on dishes
and laundry…

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