The glow from the screen
is a blinding thing
full of clatter for the mind.
The matter is lost
in the flow of the media
gone in the stream of lies.

So, there it is, well – lies,
lying in the dark, well – screen.
It’s losing its way in the media.
Such a pitiful thing,
pitiful that it should be so lost,
but not lost in my mind.

Ack…there it goes, my mind
that is. Gone in with the lies,
you know, the ones lost
in behind that – blinding – screen.
Shameful it should be such a thing
that is wormed out by the media.

Gawd! That medium of media
annoys and stings at my mind.
Oh! Horror to have such a thing,
a thing lost inside those lies,
the ones behind that screen,
only to fall in the dark and be lost.

Lost! Well is it really lost?
Truly, I mean, within this media
that one behind the screen
that whispers to the mind.
Whispers of such delicious lies
that cause one to crave such a thing.

You begin to yearn for that thing.
You know, the one that got lost.
Really do you believe the lies?
Sweet surrenderings from the media
That ivy growth in the mind
leading one to that glowing screen.

If one stares in the screen, that strangely glowing thing
will one loose ones mind or find a way to not be lost.
Or will that beckoning media win with all those lies?

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