Mother May I

Mother, may I dream today?
The path is dark I cannot stay
The light no longer leads the way
I need to keep the fear at bay

Mother, may I find the truth?
It hides beneath a liar’s roof
Filled in like a poisoned tooth
Leaving me without the proof

Mother, may I face abyss?
Night has beckoned me to this
ending that’s without your kiss,
leading me towards the mist.

Mother, may I find my faith?
Following the distant wraiths
I see my way beyond that path
where I’ll find it all at last.

Mother, may I be free?
You only see what you want to see
You only know one side of me
The other side is why I bleed.

Mother, I follow your rule no more
I lead my ways, swim to my shore
I am rich, in truth, not poor
Freed from the past, closed that door

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