Fever Pitch

The burning sensation rocks the core
Can’t follow you there anymore
Judging the lack of heartfelt sorrow
To ever be one hunting tomorrow
Vaulting through though your spirit tore

Why won’t you just let it be a while
Before you coat that venom in a smile
Running towards the gates of ether
Opening up on us surging, we teeter
Cavorting in a host that does beguile

Foul beast of wrath seething within
Beating the breast and across my skin
Choosing to smoulder inside my hide
Ridding undulating waves of the tide
Bound too free seething through the din

For all the saints and sinners unfold
In front of my eyes, a sight to hold
Strengthened by the invisible ties
The pauper sells his book of lies
The fervour makes the spirit bold

Swathed in the cover of flame tonight
The fever pitch engulfs the light
Careening over the molten flow
Coiling round into a snapping bow
Sprung tight into an unending fight

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