matched in my time
watching you walk over the end
of the road, taking the path that matched with mine
wanting to see you closer to me, and yet, knowing it would not be
because I am who I am, and you are who you are. The want outweighed
by the need of being me. So alone and yet so a part of everything
that could be. Are you walking with me now or
will you keep walking away from
me as we grow in
watching it keeping
pace with the world around me
not knowing where I will go or why I am going
hating the world for not just accepting what I am and who I am
wishing I could just scream out that I am right for me, I am right for who I need to be. Accept me! As I walk on this path I
rarely stumble. I keep a steady pace as I travel, not wanting to fall back or lose
you as I walk alone
in Time

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