Flow Like Poe

“So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa

I’m so stinking happy about this! I don’t usually like to share when I do something for others. If I wanted the recognition, I’d ask for it, but I don’t. That being said, this, THIS has to be advertised so people will know to use it!

I put up a Little Free Library! It even has a little Google website (nothing fancy) https://the-walker-library.business.site/, just waiting for my verification card. It’s a legitimate, chartered LFL charter number 127002, and I’m on the Little Free Library Map https://littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap/. I have plans to frame the library in reclaimed wood (pallets for the win!) and add a planted top to it with food plants maybe, haven’t decided that for sure. All along the edge of the yard from the library is a tilled line that has a secret – sunflowers, peas, and wildflowers have been seeded there (I’ll take updated photos and add them here when I get the chance).

The photo below is from day one. I know, I know, it really doesn’t look like your typical LFL. I got this mini fridge for free. Bought the spray paint and went for it. The lettering is crooked (I thought it was straight until I stood it up *facepalm*). There’s a small water feature beside it (a HUGE old flower pot water sealed), if you’re lucky you may even find a ripe strawberry on the plant tucked in beside it, and there’s a tiny hydrangea growing there too! The stone you see around it was all salvaged for free either from my yard of from someone I found on marketplace.

I’ve seen some kids come and use it. I hope to keep it full to the brim all year long (may be hard in winter, but I’ll try!). It’s geared for all ages, but definitely has more children’s/youth books…for now. I’m trying to focus on using free/donated materials mostly, including books. Once the frame goes up, there’ll even be a donation box for the local animal shelter, Oromocto and Area SPCA https://www.facebook.com/OromoctoandAreaSPCA. I love this shelter so much and have adopted from them, well, more than once. They are the epitome of what a shelter should be.

Anyways, I just had to share. Amongst all my depression and anxiety, this is something that makes me giddy happy.

MC Lars – Flow Like Poe


“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Marcus Tullius Cicero (Source: Goodreads).

I love books. I have a room in my house that acts as a mini-library. It is full of books. Several shelves worth of books line the walls. I would be surprised if there were under a thousand books there, there are probably more.

Have I mentioned I love books? I have read most of them, and have several waiting to be read. My biggest issue is that my reading desire goes in phases. For weeks or months I will devour any book put in front of me. Then I fumble and can’t read for however long it takes to recover. It’s bizarre since I love to read, but if I try to pick up a book in that low tide I will reread half a dozen times and not take it in.

Books, like music, bring fire to my soul.

Music for reading – Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Debussy, Liszt, Schumann