Confession Time

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” Mark Twain 

I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to Supernatural. Yes, the TV show.

It crept up on me. I honestly didn’t see it coming.

I’ve only watched through it a few times (read on the 4th watch through all seasons and catching up on this season – I think my husband is planning an intervention).

Why, you might ask? It’s the humour in the darkness. It’s all the lore.

It’s scenes like this –
{Kills me every time I see it}.

…and let’s not forget this gem –

Oh, and Castiel –

Seriously – adding Castiel just made it so much better…

Sheriff Jody –

…and Sheriff Donna –

{Sheriffs Jody & Donna should have their own spinoff show – seriously}

and Crowley –

…and and and…

The best thing about this show for me – I can sit and knit, have a glass of wine and just chill. I can do the same with other shows – I love Buffy, Doctor Who, Farscape, Red Dwarf, Star Trek (All of them), etc (most of which I can watch on Netflix! YAY! [I don’t have cable or satellite])…but there is just something about this show. It never seems to take itself too seriously, even in it’s darkest times.

Between the themed episodes, the survival rate of characters (LOL), the dry and dark humour, the self-deprecation – it’s my guilty pleasure.

Ok – I’m done. I am not usually the type to geek out publicly like this. I have certain things in my life I won’t do without – my comics, my computer (for gaming and photos), and certain shows.

Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son


A  little change for today…a quote in French (with an English translation by me) –

L’Art De La Flexibilité – Soyez ouvert à différents points de vue, et ne craignez pas de changer d’avis si vous reconnaissez une nouvelle vérité dans une situation. C’est de la sagesse que d’agir ainsi, et non de l’inconstance.” – Barbara Ann Kipfer from 52 Pensées Pour Vivre Heureux

The Art of Flexibility Be open to differing points of view, and do not fear changing your mind when you recognize a new truth in a situation. It is wise to do so, and not inconstant.” – 52 Thoughts for Happy Living.

Life is full of strife, change, inconstancy.  I’m the epitome of that…one day waxing poetic about darkness, and the next wondering if Supernatural could turn an episode using Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh as a back drop (imagine Crowley gaming for souls – does that not just sound like Crowley?).

I woke up today thinking it was Monday. I’m not joking. I was completely confused and positive it was Monday…then went shit in my head and realized that no, it was indeed Tuesday and I had to get my toddler up, fed and to the sitter’s. WOW

Reason for confusion – fatigue. I couldn’t sleep last night. To make it worse, the reason I couldn’t sleep is that it felt like someone was holding me down – literally a hand on my head and one on my hip pushing me into my pillow and bed. No one was there. It came and went several times – I lost count, 5 maybe 6 times? It was like someone was waiting for me to react, but I was just trying to sleep…sleep paralysis maybe? I did try to move a few times and couldn’t. Oh fun.

Chris de Burgh – Spanish Train