Money, Money, Money

Wouldn’t it be nice if money literally grew on trees? I suppose, though, that if it did it would be of no value. There would be too much of it. A moratorium on new forms of currency would be had. Everyone would be a multi-millionaire, until the new currency was created. Inflation would skyrocket (I don’t really understand inflation, that’s just an assumption on my part).

I guess I should wish to win the lottery than. Not a huge amount, I’m not talking millions. I would love to win just enough. What do I mean by that? I mean just enough to pay off my house, my vehicles (we have two since my hubby works shifts and I don’t, car pooling is not possible), enough to renovate (kitchen cupboards are coming away from the walls, not good), maybe, just maybe, even landscape. Enough for a fenced-in part of the yard for the dogs. A new front door with no gaps would be nice, a new patio door that opens properly. Heck, an actual patio so that there is no longer a 6 foot drop out the patio door.

I was a divorced single mom for a long time, renovating, decks, and fences were not in my future. I found a wonderful person to share my life with and just when we our credit cards paid off and starting to save – he lost his job…while I was off work on Mat leave with the baby. This last year has been hard financially. Health issues, and teen issues have only added to the stress. What does stress do? Cause a MS flare up possibly. My MD is sending me for an MRI. I don’t know when, but I do know he marked it urgent. We’ll see.

I’m not whining by the way, and I hope this post doesn’t come across that way. My kids and I often verbalize what we would do if we won the lotto. It’s fun to dream and even more healthy to hope. Not hope about winning money (we all know what the chances of that are LOL), but hope for a better tomorrow by working hard today for it.

Here’s to hoping, working, dreaming, and living.

Abba – Money Money Money: