I Roar

“Did you think the lion was sleeping because he didn’t roar?” Friedrich Schiller, Die Verschwörung des Fiesco zu Genua

“My own brain is to me the most unaccountable of machinery – always buzzing, humming, soaring roaring diving, and then buried in mud. And why? What’s this passion for?” ― Virginia Woolf

I have always been the quiet mouse.

Never one to rock the boat.

Never tip the scales.

Never speak out of turn.

Never argue.

Never dissent.

I’m done.

The events of the last few years have stiffened my spine and I will no longer be quiet.

My roar may be not be obvious or loud, but it is there.

I roar for the refugees being outcast and used as scapegoats by those in power.

I roar for the women who are derided, shamed, and mistreated.

I roar for the children without enough to eat and with no support.

I roar for the people who have no healthcare and cannot afford it.

I roar for the minorities for the mistreatment they suffer.

I roar for the Natives who have suffered so much from decades, nay, centuries of mistreatment.

I roar for the men who feel they have no voice.

I roar for our Earth that is constantly being desecrated by those in power and by the ignorant.

I roar for all the humans beings on this 3rd rock from the sun – we are one, we bleed the same, we cry the same, we feel the same.

I roar for the all.

I roar.

Perhaps, one day, no one will need to roar to be heard, instead a peaceful dialect will be possible. Perhaps, one day, we will finally all be equal – one people under one sun. Until that time – I will roar.

Katy Perry – Roar


“Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine.” ― Honoré de Balzac

I’ve been fairly quiet on here the last few days, deep in thought, mired in work and worry. It’s a rare moment when I have true solitude to refresh myself. I actually don’t remember the last time I could just sit, breath, meditate, envelop myself in the peace of solitude.

I believe everyone should have moments when they can just be. No pressure, no one to talk to, no outside maneuverings – just being.

I’m in a weird mood. I’m bucking against conformity, while being a conformist. I’m also in the midst of a sidebar in case your wondering (I tend to have strange lines of thought – they aren’t linear most of the time). I would LOVE to dye my hair blue…there is a women at my building who has hers blue and I LOVE it (she must have just done it). I bought 2 colours of blue last year when I was on maternity leave, but never did it. Now I’m in an office structure and feel like I can’t. I’m also in my 40s. I feel almost like I’m too old to do the funky colours anymore. It makes me sad.

I’m also really tired. I know it’s just my youngest and I tonight. I have to do the cat litter. I guess I’ll have some solitude tonight. I’m hoping to crash early, as I’m on the verge of sleeping now…at work. Not so great.

I need to walk my dogs too.

I need to lose weight.

I think those two are mutually inclusive….maybe.

I think getting more sleep would help too. Maybe.

Working in the yard would help.

Gardening, planting flowers, filling that sandbox.


Maybe I should just let it all go and run wild in the forest,

I don’t think so.

Peaceful Solitude Mix