“I have very bad posture.” ― Kurt Cobain

Me too, Kurt, me too.

I’ve noticed that I am slouching…a lot. Even now, just before I began to write this, the curve of my shoulders began to over take my keyboard. I very mindfully have to remind myself to sit up straight.

It’s funny what posture can do for you. I went from feeling very sluggish, to suddenly feeling very alert. It’s easy to wrap yourself in upon yourself – especially when you are down, Making the mindful effort to rise up (physically and metaphorically) is harder, but definitely more worthwhile.

It’s painful, this proper posture. I’m assuming though that the more I maintain it, the less painful it will become. Suck it in, pull them back, stick it out – suck in that gut, pull back those shoulders, stick out that chest. Good lord doing all that is a work out on it’s own! I used to be a natural at it  – I used to be a natural at a lot of things…

My goal for the next year – get healthy. It’s as easy as that. Well, ok, it’s not easy. Getting healthy to me involves improving my posture, getting back my flexibility and strength, and losing weight (and by extension, lessening the strain on my joints, ergo lessening pain).

Elton John – I’m Still Standing