Here Comes The Sun

“May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit, or There and Back Again

Summer has hit the ground running, and so have I. I’ve been keeping a secret – I’ve finally managed to start losing weight (in a healthy way) AND have energy! Yes, I still have MS fatigue, but I am motivated. I want to move constantly, even when in pain.

My yard is not large, but I love it. I have worked on the gardens there, worked on the plants, cleaning up old growth, overgrown vine, pear trees that were left to run with no one to tend them. A beautiful rose bush left to be scraggly and gnarled were cut back last year and are growing in a lush, full green. I can’t wait to see them bloom. There was a lilac bush left to grow into a gnarled, ragged tree. I trimmed it far back as well; the new green is full and gorgeous.

There was a raised garden bed left to overgrow, the only decent remnants were chives and mint left wild and full. Those beds have been tilled under, the chives moved (though ants remain in them, so they await replanting). A new, smaller, garden was tilled (all work by me) with new plants to start.

The new garden bed.
Old bed tilled under

I’ll need to take more photos of the front and full back. The branches you see around the perimeter where the trimings from the overgrown trees that I turned into a fence like structure. I absolutely love the feel of it all. My only complaint – ANTS! There are ants everywhere.

The sun has brought light back into my life – literally and figuratively. I want to be outside. I want to dig my toes into the ground and squish the soil. I want my hands to be soiled from the work I’ve down. I want the rabbits to come play, and the birds to come feed.

Here comes the sun, and I’m going to worship it every day that I can.

The Beetles – Here Comes The Sun

Spring Fever or When will it stop Snowing ALREADY!

If you live in the Atlantic Provinces, you KNOW what I mean by that title. Heck, if you ever read the news for this area – you know what that headline means. I love snow, I really do, but I have had enough.

I’m feeling that stir crazy – let’s get planting – vibe. I want to Spring clean my house (and have started) and be able to open up all the windows to enjoy a nice Spring breeze. Instead, everything is shuttered against the snow and cold.

I want to feel the warmth of a Spring sun on my face, the muck beneath my feet. I want my youngest to make mud pies for the first time and know the joy of splashing through mud puddles!

Enough of this snow already, and to think they are calling for more tomorrow!

Dear Powers That Be,

Please bring out the sunshine.

Thanks, Gwen.

– you’re welcome.