“When the past is forgotten, the present is unforgettable” ― Martin Amis, Other People

I love knitting.

I really, really do.

I hate seaming. It never looks right to me. I see all the pictures of gorgeously seamed knitted items, and then I look at mine…and *shudder* gah.

I’m knitting up some Dory characters for my 3 year old. He is VERY anxious for me to finish.

The first one is baby Dory a pattern by Nicola Riley (a.k.a. NixknittingSticks on Ravelry). The pattern is very well written and easy to follow. It was a cinch to knit up, and now I’m onto the seaming. *sigh* poor Marrok…I joked that it would take me longer to seam her than it did to knit her…it really wasn’t a joke.

I had to tear out some of the stitching around the front/mouth area as I am really not happy with how I did it. Being a perfectionist really sucks sometimes…

I’m certain my tot will love her. I just hope I can finish her before he starts school…

In the meantime, life moves on…and appointments get forgotten 😐 I really wish I was joking. No harm done, except to my ego.

Sia – Unforgettable (Finding Dory)

A Break in the Clouds

“Fuck this.
Fuck this wondering. Fuck this trying and trying. Fuck this belief that two people can become one ideal. Fuck this helplessness. Fuck this waiting for something to happen that probably won’t ever happen.”David Levithan, Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Does anyone actually ever catch a break?


Since February I have had a lot of shit happen. I was actually listing it off and decided it was easier just to say it’s been a really crappy start to 2016. I’m hoping things turn around now…

Can I haz nap now plz?

Between the pets, hubby (diagnosed with Parkinson’s a few weeks ago), and the teens and toddler…I’m ready for an extended break

I have a break in the clouds tomorrow at least – my mom paid for me to get a massage. I can’t wait. Hopefully my heart will stop thumping before then.

Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl


 “The squeeky wheel gets the grease.” ― Author disputed (mostly attributed to Josh Billings).

Last night, for the first time in probably a decade, I deep fried some chicken popcorn (usually bake that stuff) in my old wok. This morning I proceeded to forget that the wok had a bunch of vegetable oil in it. This morning I made myself a salad from lettuce a friend gave me, it is in a grocery bag. My stove was full of veggies this morning. This morning I had no place to put the bag of lettuce so I plopped it into the wok because I forgot about the grease.

*sigh* This morning, at work, I sit here with a big grease stain on my paints and splats on my shirt. This morning I had no time to run down to change my clothes because I had an adorable 18 month old crying for his mommy and not wanting her to leave…so I had to leave the house because he got worse.

At least I got my morning Tim’s fix (for non-Canadians that would be the Tim Hortons coffee chain that is a staple in Canada – like Dunkin’ Donuts, but arguably better). There is always a silver lining to a day, sometimes it just takes a bit more to find it. My silver lining to a grease filled day is the amazing hugs and kisses I got from my 18 month old, my coffee, the gorgeous sunshine outside right now (which has been sorely lacking this summer here), and the fact that I am able to work.

Life can be hard. Life can downright suck. BUT, and I totally know that this is cliché, life is what you make of it – good and bad. We can sit and dwell in our misery or we can choose to look for those silver linings.

I now have a stained shirt and pants – I can make a teddy bear for my youngest and go to Value Village or Frenchy’s for a new pair of pants and a shirt. Awesome silver lining.

I’m also really vocal – I think this morning I forgot the grease because I was too busy gabbing with my husband and youngest…it’s a good thing the 13 year old is a sound sleeper and the 15 year old had slept over with her grandparents.

Grease – Greased Lightning