Foggy in here

Brain fog sucks. For anyone who experiences it, I really don’t think I need to explain why. At work, it causes me to make mistakes, and I hate making mistakes. I know no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but I’m a perfectionist and even small mistakes on my part drive me nutty.

Having the flu for five days this past week didn’t help either. Everyone in my house had it. Bathroom and bucket week. I’m still feeling drained, my head is numb and the fog has settled in. I’m starting to worry that I’m starting a flare up. I keep thinking if I just wait another day or two it will be gone. It’s not.

I want to sleep. I’m so exhausted. Trying to work is hard. But I do it. I have to. For my family. I am the primary earner, I have no choice. This week has been so hard. Between teens who are pushing boundaries, parent teacher interviews, toddler, work, flu, husband, taxes…broken vehicle in need of repair. Whine…whine…whine. Everyone has the same issues, just different landscapes. I need to move on and deal with it.

I honestly think that if the sun would stay out for more than a day and if all the damned snow would melt I would start to feel better mentally, which would lead to physical wellness. I love sunny days (not hot, just sunny).

I can’t wait to feel the grass beneath my feet and take my toddler to dance in the warm rains of a true Spring/Summer.

I can’t wait to build sandcastles in the sand and feel the cool waters of a lake surround my body.

I can’t wait for the smell of a nice campfire, the crackling of the wood, the taste of marshmallows melted down.

But wait I must.

Bonus – being sick has helped me lose 5 pounds. LOL