The traveler came that very night
Came in with a vision of terrible fright
He asked for a drink of their stoutest stuff
He said not a word, his dark look was enough.

“Don’t go down that path,” he said with a glare
“Don’t step near where the wolves don’t dare.”
Then he swallowed down that horrible gin
And his face then broke with a terrible grin.

“She’s hiding in there, in the dark of her lair”
He paused then went on, “there’s white in her hair.”
Confused, he glanced up, then started again
“Her shrieks can kill, don’t go down there, my friend!”

I considered his words, for the fear was in them
He spoke as he saw it and I could not deny him
His fears were so true but only I knew
The truth of the woman down that path to Bay Blue.

The story was heard over fires at home
They spoke of the Banshee and the words “Never Roam”
Never roam down her road, stay away from her lair
And you’ll live to see your next year at the fair.

The stories I’d heard of her distant shore
But I wanted to learn about her some more
I knew of her path and the way that she lived
But I had no clue as to where she hid.

My curiosity peaked I closed the door
And told the traveler I wanted to hear more
I asked him to tell me from whence did he come
From where did he see such a vision to shun?

He said, “keep your thoughts to yourself my friend,
Don’t you be wanderin’ down near her glen.”
He took another drink of that horrible draught
He looked up at me then with a chilling laugh.

“I suppose, you’ll be wanting to follow the way,
But the path is too foul and I’ll not guide to the Bay.”
His eyes shone full then in the firelight
A vision of horrors hung in his sight.

“Please,” I begged, and he grinned once more
“Please, dear traveler, take me to the shore.”
“I want to see, or hear on my own
The lady who shrieks far from my home.”

He took another swig and bore me with a stare
“You’re a fool for wanting to wander in there.”
“She’ll burn your ears with that horrible cry
And make you wonder if you’ll live or die.”

So I left him there and said I’d go home
But I let my feet go where they’d roam
Down the way the traveler had passed
Down the path that lead to the lass.

I shrugged off fear and doubt on the way
I followed the path that lead to the Bay
My feet traveled fast and I heeded no warning
As I past by the turn that forked to Loch Lorning.

I followed the way down to Bay Blue
I followed the traveler’s way full true
I shunned the signs of the withered trees
I ignored the remains that would weaken my knees.

Too late did I hear the far away cries
Too late did I wonder the wheres and the whys
She came at me shrieking then at full bore
She came from the marshes between me and the shore.

I did not see her till she was in sight
I did not fear her when Death stood full height
I did not shun it, or run away
I did not run from that dreadful Bay.

Instead I stood bold, straight and true
I stood in front of that awful two
The lady did shriek one final time
Then Death took hold of this dreary rhyme.

He came to me then asking the whys
And I fell short in all my replies
I merely said, “I needed to see her,
I needed to know I need not fear her.”

“She’s been all alone down by this bay
She’s had no one to follow her in her way.”
The Banshee then turned to her dark companion
And…smiled at him with reckless abandon.

“Free this one from your cold grasp,
Free this one is the last thing I’ll ask.”
“I have waited for this one for so long
Waited for one such as me to grow strong.”

And I looked upon her icy complexion
Mired as she were in deep reflection
“Dear little one, shall you deem
To make us a most unforgettable team.”

With that last word I stood in her stare
Stood there and finally was made aware
Of the fact that I had no heart beat within
And finally my icy lips curled with a grin.

“Dear sister,” I said with a glorious embrace
“Dear sister, let us free men from this place.”
I continued on as she nodded assent
Her fire only fuelled the thoughts I thus sent.

“They kill the flowers, animals, and bowers
They chase away the healing powers.
They make the wound in our Mother grow
They simply shall reap what it is they sow.”

Banshee and I then became one
Became blooded sisters beneath the sun
Death glanced upon us and then did ask
“Shall I allow any to pass?”

“Only those that are deemed caring
Worthy of the gifts our Earth is sparing
Sparing for a time when healing has started
When the fires have ceased and anger thwarted.”

“There are so few,” Death said with a sigh
Suddenly I realized the reason why
Impartial should Death be to this day
Impartial to men and their destructive way.

But the home that holds all others can’t wait
Can’t wait for the keeper to close the gate
So Death must go on mounting the toll
But his fingers can hardly take a firm hold.

No fear doth linger in the hearts of nations
No longer they heed warnings of contagions
The diseases of the soul is the problem within
But they heed it not and continue their sin.

They rape their Mother, but she fights back
Fights with her only ways of attack
The shaking of ground, the pouring of blood
The dangerous flows of an unending flood.

So Banshees cry out into the night air
And fix the men on the path with a stare
They protect the Mother in a way that they can
Protect her from the ways of man.

And as for Death he follows their lead
For his is the way for men who don’t heed
The warnings are there for those willing to see
Blindness is what brings them to the Banshee.

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